• What personal information is stored?

    We are taking your anonymity very seriously on YAX. That’s why we do not collect any personal information on our users. On YAX no information is required regarding your profile except your username, that you can choose freely and modify at any moment in your personal Settings. The words and images you use to express yourself is what really matters on YAX, not your profile.

  • What happens after I delete my account?

    By deleting your account you will delete and erase all your activity on YAX. Everything you have created will be removed and no one will be able to access your old Yax on the platform. Once you delete your account, your username will be reset and it will not appear on YAX anymore. You will still be able to browse the app, but you will have to create a new YAX and choose a new username if you want to create a new account.

  • How old do I have to be to use YAX?

    YAX is exclusively reserved for people over 17 years.

  • Can I keep and transfer my account from one smartphone to another?

    Not yet. YAX is an anonymous social network and we use your device ID to identify you. If you change your smartphone you will therefore not be able to transfer your account. We are currently working on a solution that will let you transfer your account and access your Yax and your activity from any smartphone. Be patient, we’re on it :)

  • Why do I need to activate my position?

    By activating your position you can access the Yax created nearby and you will at all times be able to see what is posted in your town, in your neighborhood, in your company or even in your school...

    When you create a Yax, activating your position greatly increases its visibility to other members of the community. The more your Yax are visible, the more you will have interactions and exchanges with others and in this way receive more replies and interactions from other users.

    If you add a school to the app, we will need to access your position to confirm that you are a verified student. As a matter of fact, only the students of the school you add are allowed to post in this feed.

    Don’t worry, your location data will under no circumstances be used for any purpose other than to bring you the best possible experience on YAX.

  • What's the meaning of the awards?

    Bronze, silver, gold and emerald awards are used to reward the most popular Yax :

    • to reward the Yax that have received many reactions during the day.

    • to reward the Yax that have received many replies during the day.

    • to reward the most popular Yax.

  • Change your username and disappear from feed Faves?

    You can follow the Yax created by someone with a given username. You will stop following him/her if he/she changes his/her identity.

    Once you add a username to your faves, the next Yax that he/she will create will automatically appear in Faves. Then, if the Yaxer that you follow decides to change identity and choose another username, his new Yax won’t appear in your Faves.

  • Messages — What can I do to stop receiving private messages from a given user?

    If you want to stop receiving private messages from someone who bothers you, you can block him/her by swiping the conversation. Once blocked, you won’t be able to send or receive messages from him/her.

  • Messages — How can I disable private conversations and stop using private messages?

    If you don’t want to use private messages at all and never want to be contacted privately by anybody, you can go to your settings and disable the preference. Once disabled, nobody will be able to contact you privately.

  • Messages — Are my ongoing conversations impacted when I change my username?

    No. Once a private conversation has begun with a given user, your username will remain unchanged within this conversation, even if you change your public username. The user you’re having the conversation with will only know you under the identity that you had when the private conversation started.

  • My school — I cannot find my school in the list

    If you don't find your school in the list, try and turn on your location services when you are in the school area and it will probably appear in the list. If not, please fill in the form "I don't find my school" available at the bottom of the "search your school" page. Once we receive your request, we will add your school to our list and you will be able to find it in the app.

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